If you have coronavirus symptoms or had a positive test within 10 days, please do not come into the surgery.

As a healthcare environment we expect patients and staff to wear a mask in the surgery. Thank you for your co-operation and support, it is very greatly appreciated.

Access to appointments has changed…

Please watch this short video explaining how access to appointments has changed:

Think before calling us

Could you get help for this yourself? Please do try to self care when possible if you are usually well. See https://www.shropshiretelfordandwrekin.nhs.uk/your-health/self-care/. Self care is the best choice to treat minor illnesses, ailments and injuries. A range of common illnesses can be treated at home simply with over the counter medicines and plenty of rest. Self care is important throughout our lives to prevent ill health and treat minor conditions, which can be managed at home by yourself or with support from your community pharmacy.

Could your problem be dealt with via telephone?

New illnesses are rarely dealt with safely on the phone and therefore we do not offer phone calls routinely on the same day. However reception will book these for specific problems (problems with medication already given, recurrent urgent problem).

We do however offer booked telephone consultations in the evenings for follow up of medication, tests results and straightforward matters that do not require examination.

Appointment information

All visits to the doctor and nurses (routine or urgent) are by appointment only.

When you phone to book an appointment, you will be asked what sort of problem it is. This is so reception can guide you to the most appropriate person to help you. Our nurses do a lot of blood pressure management and deal with most urinary tract infection for example and the secretary will be able to deal with changes or chasing up referrals already made.

You can also make some appointments on line for GP’s and phlebotomist’s using Patient Access for which you will need a PIN which you will need to collect in person from reception.

Routine or “on the day”

Unless you say it is urgent you will be offered the next routine appointment.

If your problem cannot wait (see list below as a guide) we will offer you an appointment that day, or a telephone call back to get more information or direct you to a more suitable service.

You will be told the following when being booked in for an “on the day” appointment;

“We do have same day appointments available if you want or feel you need to be seen on the day. However we are busy and in order to be able to provide this we can only deal with one problem at this appointment and it will be a short consultation and you will be seen by any of the GPs or clinical team that are available. You may have to wait up to an hour to be seen”.

Cancellations / Missed appointments

A national survey has highlighted that missed GP appointments costs the NHS £180 million per year. If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

We send a TEXT REMINDER 48 hours before your appointment and you can use this if wanted to CANCEL your appointment.

First Language

If English is not your first language and you think you may not be able to communicate effectively with our staff please ensure that you either bring a member of your family whom you are comfortable acting as a translator or we will do our best to arrange for an appropriate professional translator.

Type of Problems for “on-the-day” appointments

This is only intended as a general guide and is not an exhaustive list. Please discuss any cases of doubt with the receptionist who will contact the GP if needed.

Minor illnesses that...

...you have had a long time or have been to pharmacist already or

is on significant medication/ heart, lung or significant health problems > 2 years or > 70 years of age
- sore throats
- sinusitis
- ear pain
- cough / possible chest infection / breathless
- rashes and also unwell
- unwell children
- children with fever more than 5 days
Painful problems- severe abdominal pain (please bring a urine sample)
- severe back pain
- suspected urine infections / cystitis - will usually be booked with Practice Nurse (urine sample required)
Symptoms of cancer- breast Lumps
- testicular lumps
- coughing blood
- passing blood - urine (not an obvious infection) or blood in stools
- lumps in neck / glands
- weight loss
- abdominal swelling
Mental Health - that cannot wait for urgent appointmentPlease also consider the Shropshire Access line 0300 124 0365 for anybody who is worried about their mental health.