Vasectomy service

Vasectomy clinics are held here at the surgery, weekly, in our Minor Ops Suite. If you think you require a Vasectomy please discuss with your own GP who will then refer you for counselling (telephone counselling available) and then if you are suitable an operation date.

Vasectomy Counselling

All patients must have counselling by one of our registered nurses or HCAs prior to receiving an operation date. This is so we can ask and document important questions, and so you have an opportunity to understand the procedure, and where you can ask questions about what to expect. Our team will do their best to answer your queries, but if there is anything they are unable to answer they will either seek an answer from our surgeon or book you in for a telephone call with him for a more in-depth conversation. After you have had counselling, you will have a “cooling off” period of 1-2 weeks prior to your surgery date in which to make a decision as to whether you wish to procedure with the Vasectomy or not.

In addition to the counselling appointment please follow the two links below where you will find medical guidelines (NICE and FSRH – Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare) which we believe are well written & reasonably understandable regarding the procedure:

Information about having vasectomy

Our Vasectomy surgeon is Dr Hans-Joerg Zeif. Clinics are usually held on Friday’s, but occasionally we do have some availability on Tuesday’s. Please do take time to read the leaflets listed below:

Cancellations and Do Not Attends

If you are unable to attend your operation date please do let us know as soon as possible (by ringing reception on 01743 276000) – we will do our best to rebook your date.

All patients will be offered a maximum of two appointment dates. If you are unable to attend either of these dates you will need to go back to your GP for a new referral. Patients who do not attend appointments and who fail to let us know will be removed from the waiting list and you will need to seek a new referral.