Shrewsbury Health and Wellbeing Hub

The local NHS and Shropshire Council have joined forces to develop plans for a new, state-of-the-art health and wellbeing hub in the Meole Brace area of Shrewsbury.

This exciting new centre would include a wide range of services under one roof, helping to prevent illness and encourage people to lead longer, healthier lives.

As part of these plans, our practice has expressed its intention to relocate to the hub once the development is complete. This would take place alongside five other practices in the Shrewsbury area.

The GP practices involved in the Shrewsbury Health and Wellbeing Hub are:

  • The Beeches Medical Practice
  • Belvidere Medical Practice
  • Claremont Bank Surgery
  • Marden Medical Practice
  • Marysville Medical Practice
  • South Hermitage Surgery

The Shrewsbury Health and Wellbeing Hub has the potential to bring health and social care professionals, as well as the voluntary sector, into a single centre to provide a wider combination of services for the whole community, especially people with the greatest health needs and lowest life expectancy in the area.

The practices that want to move into the hub are currently experiencing different issues which makes it challenging for them to deliver some services for their patients.

Surveys have identified that the buildings require a substantial amount of work in order to be fit for purpose for patients. There are also occupational and legal matters which need to be addressed, such as disability access and safety.

There is not enough space at existing practice sites to house new staff roles, or to extend and adapt the current buildings. This means that practices are increasingly unable to meet the complex needs of a growing population, as well as rising demand for their services. Moving to a bright, modern, eco-friendly and purpose-built facility would be the best solution to these problems.

The proposals for a Shrewsbury Health and Wellbeing Hub open up great new prospects for joined-up, seamless care for our patients, and it would help to secure the long-term future of the practices involved.

For further information on the hub, please see:

Update 1st August 2022


Update 8th September 2022

Please read our letter in PDF format from the Marysville Partners about the proposed Shrewsbury Health & Wellbeing Hub: Open Letter to patients re Hub Sept 22

Update 15th May 2023

Please read our letter in PDF format about the proposed Shrewsbury Health & Wellbeing Hub: Hub update – May 2023.

Blog – “Up against the wall: barriers presented by the current GP estate”

 A recent blog published by Dr Carla Ingram, GP Partner at Marden Medical Practice explains why practices are looking to this “hub” solution – Up against the wall: barriers presented by the current GP estate – see

Please do take time to read this blog – we at Marysville MP feel that this is a very succinct, reasoned and detailed explanation of why we are looking at joining the hub. Our lease for the Marysville building is with a private finance (PFI) organisation, where the notional rent is extremely high – the partnership at the practice are liable for this cost and being asked to sign 20/25 year leases. Our current lease expires in 2025.