Tests and Results

Either look online for test results or phone after 2pm to get them

The receptionist will be able to tell you the comments the GP has made on seeing the result – but cannot do more than this. If it is unclear, you wish to discuss with us or the result needs further action this will be arranged (often a telephone call appointment).

Due to the huge number of test results we will only contact you about those that need any ACTION.
However we will always suggest you contact the surgery or look on line to check the results as this is a safer approach.

The process:

1) Test results sent back

Blood test results sent back to Practice electronically throughout the day.

Note: often received separately / in batches!

2) GP looks at test results

 GP looks at electronic list, comments on test result, files and sends task to reception if reception need to contact you.

3) Check results

 Patient rings up / looks on line for result.


Receptionist contacts patient.

The test result back is compared by the GP to the test’s “reference range” – this will be the normal range for only 95% of individuals, as 1 in 20 patients will lie outside these “normal ranges“.

Then the result will be considered within the context of your personal circumstances, and with the benefit of your doctor’s knowledge of your past medical history, current medication and the results of any other investigations

We commonly use these comments:

NormalAs it says: the result is normal!
Stable/normal for patient - no action requiredThis will be used if a known diabetic and sugars come back slightly high, or known reduced kidney function and it is stable.
No action requiredUsed when it may not quite be in normal range but is irrelevant or inappropriate to do anything about it.
AbnormalContact patient. It is abnormal and we are trying to contact you, if we haven’t already!
Discuss when next seen as arranged, already has appointment bookedA result that may need some discussion, and we can see you have an appointment booked for this already.
Please make an appointment to see GP who requested test - NON URGENTThis means we want to see you but it is not urgent and can wait 2-6 weeks.
Discuss slightly raised sugar level with HCA/PN for lifestyle and diet adviceIt is common for some patients to have pre diabetes or raised sugar levels. This usually needs alteration of what you are eating and this is best discussed with the health care assistant or Practice Nurse. We would then repeat in 3-6 months.
At CDM appointment Qrisk needs to be calculated and Discussed with HCA/PNThis is used for the lipid (cholesterol results) as there is not a "normal range". Instead we calculate your risk of heart disease over 10 years (Qrisk) but this needs a current weight, smoking status and blood pressure which is why it is best done at the review that we can see is booked.
On correct treatment for urine infectionWhere a urine infection has been confirmed but we have already given the correct antibiotic for your infection. Only contact us if it doesn’t clear up as expected.

It is often difficult to put into one line the results received and even “normal” results do not mean nothing is wrong but simply that the tests we have requested have come back in the normal range. Likewise “abnormal tests” can often mean little and are more common with other chronic health conditions and increasing age. If your symptoms change or you are getting worse you need to re contact us again and be assessed again.