Care Homes

We provide medical services to residents in several care homes and strive to do this well. WE primarily have patients at Briarfields and Hartlands which are close by in order that we can visit promptly.


Care Staff – “I think they have a urine infection” – we can access the patient in several ways depending on their condition; if extremely unwell – request a possible need for a visit (feverish, confused) the duty GP will then contact you.

Well but typical signs – no fever, well in self but frequency in passing urine or offensive smelling urine

Send a sample of urine to the surgery for analysis – WITH A URINE INFORMATION SLIP. It is impossible to interpret the urine sample without CLINICAL INFORMATION. Please complete the urine slip and send with urine in a WHITE TOP BOTTLE.

  • Urine sample sent <1pm – ring after 1pm for result
  • Urine sample sent >1pm – ring after 5pm for result

Unsure what is needed ? Request a phone call from the duty GP to discuss the patient.